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Wireless Technology

Universities have started to install wireless local area networking in dorm rooms, classrooms, student lounges, even dining halls. Students sign up for classes, download and upload assignments, access campus libraries, collaborate on study projects, contact professors, conduct research, and connect to the Web from anywhere on campus. In addition to improving student connectivity, university administration greatly benefits from integrating wireless networking into their existing wired systems. Based on wireless technologies, schools can cost-effectively ease general administration, build the student community, and improve communication throughout the university.

CampusMobility is sensitive to the types of information that colleges and universities need to maintain. We also recognize the fallout that can result from sluggish network performance. With this in mind, CampusMobility has created a unique set of products and services ideally suited for deployment in a campus setting.

The vast resources of critical data on a university campus network means that administrators must have confidence that networks and data are secure at all times-particularly when deployed for use on wireless devices.

CampusMobility's unique combination of wireless infrastructure and highly specialized software provides comprehensive, secure and manageable service for all types of wireless applications. It provides for easy scalability, allowing an IT manager to operate a single small site (such as a single building) or manage a global WLAN infrastructure comprising tens of thousands of users across an entire university system.

The CampusMobility Platform is an effective, economical solution for educational systems looking to better integrate the Internet into classrooms and laboratories, increase the efficiency of their administrative operations, and cost-effectively improve communication throughout the campus community.

The CampusMobility Platform is extremely scalable and easy to manage. The system's seamless mobility and back-end connectivity ensure that networked applications and connections are kept alive between floors and buildings within a campus. CampusMobility products also seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of wireless technologies, equipment and devices, leveraging existing IT infrastructure, including wiring, enabling rapid deployment and reduced costs.