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Hosting Environment

CampusMobility's Hosting Solution offers a wide range of dependable hosting products. We match a deep knowledge of platform and supporting software to meet clients' needs, and leverage hundreds of hours of experience to provide ongoing development and upgrades to these hosting systems. As one of our first services, our Hosting Solutions are tried and true.

CampusMobility manages several high-performance, dedicated "frontline" servers located in one of the most advanced hosting data centers available.


  • 24-hour-a-day proactive monitoring
  • 12 hours of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) in case of power outage
  • Five fiber backbone providers, with SONET fiber ring technology
  • Multiple, redundant, physically diverse OC3 & DS3 connections
  • Cisco switches and routers
  • Multiple diesel generators
  • Data Center-grade air conditioning
  • Under floor wiring
All data are backed up daily and stored off-site in a secure, fireproof tape library, accessible within 24 hours. CampusMobility also maintains local (Michigan) mirror copies of web data for immediate content replacement. Advanced network design, security, proactive monitoring, and careful contingency planning deliver a minimum network "uptime" of 99.5 percent, not including scheduled maintenance.

CampusMobility understands the importance and the challenges of securing sensitive online information. We dedicate ourselves to providing security solutions that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of our clients' online assets. CampusMobility analyzes the individual security needs of each project and implements the necessary measures to best protect these interests.

CampusMobility builds its web sites, extranets, wireless, and e-commerce solutions with security as the foremost consideration. We adhere to the philosophy that access should be disallowed unless explicitly allowed. In addition, all of our employees sign confidentiality agreements in order to protect sensitive client information, and only authorized employees are given server access to client web sites.


  • IP packet filtering
  • Operating system hardening
  • Secure socket layer (SSL)
  • User level authentix
  • Data separation
  • Security auditing
  • Intrusion detection
  • Automated network backup system
  • Water free zone with three types of fire suppression
    • CO2
    • FM200
    • extinguishers
  • Multiple zone fire detection
    • HSSD (high-sensitivity smoke detection)
  • Card access security
  • Video camera monitoring